XXImo Mobility Card

The XXImo Mobility Card is a smart payment card, the settings for which can be adjusted by the employer online through ‘My XXImo’. Employers set a mobility budget for each employee/cardholder and decide what mobility options they are entitled to use. One mobility solution, one invoice!

Smart mobility card

The XXImo Mobility Card is a smart Visa card that makes it possible to set a budget and mobility options for each card/cardholder. The set, available budget is credited to the card. When a payment is made using the card, the relevant amount is deducted from the budget. The budget on the card is topped up on a weekly basis. An example:

Week 23: Your mobility budget is € 300 and you have spent € 200.
Week 24: You receive € 200 on Monday morning to restore your balance to € 300.
€ 200 is automatically collected from the company by direct debit.


Insight into the available budget

You can view your current balance in both your personal ‘My XXImo’ account and the free Milo app. Thus ensuring that there are no surprises for cardholders. What’s more, you will be sent an alert by e-mail if more than 80% of your weekly balance has been spent on one of your mobility services.

Should a higher balance be required on your Mobility Card, then the administrator can increase the balance in the meantime. Another option is to transfers funds between the different mobility options. If you have spent all your parking budget, but still have more than enough in your refuelling budget, then this can easily be transferred.